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Engineering & Design Services
Engineering & Design Services

Civil Engineering Services

Working for decades in the engineering and design space, our professionals have the skills and equipment necessary to serve a variety of industries, including residential, commercial, and industrial surveying and engineering needs. Our role is to anticipate, discover, and plan for potential problems, so there are no surprises in the process of completing your project. When we do our job, your job goes more smoothly, keeping your stress down and preserving your bottom line.

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Civil Engineering Services

Engineering Services Offered

Whiteley Infrastructure Group Engineering, LLC is a diversified engineering firm capable of providing a wide range of civil engineering and design services. The firm’s staff, composed of civil engineers, engineering technicians, draftsmen, construction inspectors, and support personnel, has successfully completed projects for clients in the municipal, commercial, industrial, and private sectors.

Drainage Services Overview

Since the firm's inception, a major area of practice at Whiteley Infrastructure Group has been drainage and project design. We have seen projects through from concept to completion for drainage districts, municipalities, counties, residential and commercial developers, and the Texas Department of Transportation. Applications, reporting, and support for various funding mechanisms such as grants and bonds are available via our civil engineering and design services.

Services Available:

  • Master Drainage Plans
  • Drainage systems Design
  • Pump Station Design
  • FEMA Amendments and Revisions
  • Funding Applications and Permitting

Land Development Services Overview

Staff members at Whiteley Infrastructure Group have been responsible for land development projects ranging from subdivisions of only a few lots to the site drainage, grading, and paving design associated with master community developments in Southeast Texas. All levels of liaison and presentation work are available when required for applications, permitting, or general public relations related to project design. Virtually all disciplines within the firm are called upon.

Services Available:

  • Residential Subdivisions
  • Commercial Developments
  • Land Acquisition
  • Land Use Planning
  • Utility Systems Design
  • Street and Drainage Design
  • Site Grading and Paving Design

Transportation Services Overview

Staff expertise has provided opportunities to work on a variety of transportation projects ranging from flexible base service roads to concrete major thoroughfares. Civil engineering services have been provided on the municipal, county, and state levels as well as for private land development projects. Project experience has involved surveying, preliminary and design engineering, and construction management.

Services Available:

  • Highways
  • Streets and Roadways
  • Access and Parking Facilities
  • Airport Runways, Taxiways, and Aprons

Water Utilities Services Overview

Whiteley Infrastructure Group Engineering, LLC’s diversified staff can provide complete study and design services for water supply and sanitary sewer systems. Past clients to use our civil engineering services include municipalities, school districts, state agencies, utility and conservation districts, product industries, utilities, and river authorities. Coordination of grants from various governmental agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, Texas Department of Water Resources, and Texas Community Development Block Grant Program in connection with project design and construction is an important capability that our professionals have utilized on past and current projects.

Services Available

  • Water Resources Planning
  • Wastewater Planning
  • Economic Feasibility Studies
  • Route Studies
  • Infiltration & Inflow Analyses
  • Grant Proposals
  • Lift Station Design
  • Water and Sewer Line Facility Design
  • Surface Water Treatment Plant Design
  • Water Storage Tank Design
  • Sewage Treatment Plant Design
  • Natural Sewage Treatment Systems Design (Wetlands)
  • Raw Water Conveyance Systems Design
  • Pump Station Design

Whiteley Infrastructure Group Engineering, LLC

The firm of Whiteley Infrastructure Group Engineering, LLC originated in 1980 when Mark Whiteley (Mark Whiteley & Associates) opened an office in Beaumont for the practice of civil engineering and surveying. In July 2020, Mark Whiteley & Associates and S. Oliver & Associates (founded in 1995) combined to form Whiteley Infrastructure Group, an industry leading service provider in civil engineering and surveying. In November 2020, Jeff D. Leavins, P.E. joined the Whiteley Infrastructure Group team to lead Whiteley Infrastructure Group Engineering, LLC as its President. Prior to joining Whiteley Infrastructure Group, Mr. Leavins served as Vice President of Carroll & Blackman, Inc. and Vice President of LJA Engineering for over 18 years.

Behind the individuals whose names have appeared on the letterhead are the engineers, technicians and support staff who have helped make the company successful for over forty years. Whiteley Infrastructure Group Engineering, LLC boasts a highly experienced staff with many years of service. By promoting the goals of client satisfaction, protection of public health and safety and employee well-being, Whiteley Infrastructure Group Engineering, LLC has developed a highly professional staff dedicated to project success at all levels.

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How We’re Different

Veteran-led and family-owned; we pride ourselves on being laser-focused on your success – your mission. When we meet our mission, you’re able to meet yours when it comes to completing your project.

Our background in engineering and project management helps us to maintain a laser focus on effective, efficient communication to meet your needs, with an emphasis on quality and accuracy.

Historical GIS Data Over Decades

One of the particular advantages we offer our clients is the benefit of having been in the business for decades. Our GIS data management is sophisticated, including layers of historical data for future planning purposes.

Our clients seeking engineering and design services benefit from our experience, giving them access to the most thorough data and sophisticated GIS data management tools to plan with.

Our World-Class Clients

We are proud to partner with some of the most productive, most respected, and world-renown companies in the U.S. Our work in surveying, engineering, GIS, and more have served successful projects far and wide with names such as these.

More Services

Whiteley Infrastructure Group has the expertise and experience to provide safe, accurate and reliable results every time, on time and on budget.  We have been surveying for over 65 years and we understand what it takes to deliver accurate survey information to our clients.

Industries Served

Veteran-led and family-owned, Whiteley Infrastructure Group provides full spectrum surveying services for clients in a wide range of applications.

Oil & Gas Pipelines

Petrochemical & Refining

Power Generation

Renewable Energy

Public Utilities

Land Use

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Areas Served

Whiteley Infrastructure Group operates across the United States. We are well equipped to respond quickly to our clientsneeds wherever they may arise.

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About Us

Whiteley Infrastructure Group provides civil engineering and land surveying services to the energy, petrochemical and real estate market. Whiteley Infrastructure Group is uniquely positioned to support the growth and development needs of our clients.

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